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PS 46
P.S. 46
Briggs & 196th Street
Sneaker Art
340 Urseline Court
Sneaker Art

198th St & Marion Avenue
Ballfield at 201 Street & Webster Avenue
Frankie Frisch Field
2310 Holland Avenue
2310 Holland Avenue
I lived here when I was around 5 years old
and went to kindergarten at P.S. 44.
Twin high rises (senior citizen housing) built around 1967
They are located near Wallace Ave on boston road. They are behind JHS 135.
There is (was) a Carvel ice cream store nearby (Boston Rd & Holland).
615 Pelham Parkway
615 Pelham Parkway
This photo was taken by request for Azar Ace Attura and
this is her comment regarding the photo "The third floor
windows on the right side of the photo are where we lived
(a 2 bedroom apt for $60 a month in the 50's and early 60's!).
Mrs Priffer and her 3 cats lived right below us, Ellen
Lebensbaum and her dear mom lived right above us. I see
that the stoop is there in (almost) all its past glory".
Fordham University
Fordham University on Fordham Road.
Arthur Avenue
Funeral Home -Arthur Ave & 188th Street
Ann Marie says it used to be called the
"Joseph Botti's Funeral Home"
Truck on Arthur Avenue
Nothing in particular, I just liked the truck.

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