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We grew up in The Bronx... We stayed or maybe left, but no matter where
where in the world we are now... our hearts will always have a home here.
This site has been a labour of love for me! Everytime I get an email
or a message in my Guestbook telling me what wonderful memories
these pictures have unleased... I am truly moved.

So, these awards I share with you also! Irma

Thanks to the evaluators who have visited this
site and found it worthy of an award.
~Each award is special and appreciated~


goldenwebawards Award
Thank you Don -09/10/2002-3.5 rating - Like to think? Click above.

Iris Award
Thank you Iris for making the exception 09/10/2002

Webthrower Award
Thank you for this award Jeff! 09/12/2002

The Groove Place Award
Thank you for this award! 09/13/2002

CM award
Thank you Bill for this award and the great advice! 09/13/2002

Topsite award
Thank you Kristi for this award 09/14/2002

iquality award
Thank you for this award 09/14/2002

High Caliber Webmaster Award
Thank you for this award Melanie 09/15/2002

Award of Excellence presented by Carmen
Thanks to 'the Vicks' for this award 09/17/2002

Thanks for this award 09/21/2002

Nu-Horizons Personal Award
Thanks for this award 09/23/2002

Pamela's award of excellence
Thanks for this award 09/27/2002

~ music: When You Wish Upon a Star ~ Disney ~ lyrics~

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