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Bronx Pictures 9
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Drieser Loop
Drieser Loop - Coop City
This was the first picture we took in The Bronx 9-19-99
Coop City Boulevard
Triangle Plaza
Pear Tree Ave Apartments
Coop City.
Pelham Bay Park
We're now heading towards City Island
Coop City From City Island
We're standing at the end of Scofield Street
and the view was magnificent!
Coop City From City Island
I'm still standing in the same location but camera facing west
From City Island View South
I'm still standing in the same location, just facing south.
I don't know which bridge I'm looking at in the background.
Dry Dock Boats at City Island
I'm still in the same location as the 3 preceding photos
except that I stepped back.
Bronx Crew
Okay, It's time to introduce everyone to the members
of my party today. (L-R) Valerie, Edie, and Yvonne.
Again, we're still in the same location.
Morris Yacht & Beach Club
everything appeared to be fenced in so close up shots
were a little difficult. We did encounter several cars
with people sleeping in them which we found humerous
but did not take pictures of.
City Island Bridge
We're now at section 13 at Orchard Beach looking at the
City Island Bridge which we crossed on our way here.
Orchard Beach
Family photo with Orchard Beach in the background
Behind (L-R) Val, Edie, and Yvonne, you can see the jetty
at section 13 and the beach area all around Orchard Beach.
Jetty at section 13
There were some folks fishing there this morning and it
brought back fond memories from days gone by when I
myself spent hours sitting out there.
Orchard Beach
Pavillion at Orchard Beach as seen from section 13
Everything looked so clean and fresh this morning.
The beach was mostly empty and except for the boom box
a small group of people were playing near the main
pavillion, it was very quiet.
Another Family shot
(L-R) Edie, me, and Yvonne.
Orchard Beach
Orchard Beach Parking Lot
We surmised from the geese all heading in the same
direction that the pavement must be getting too
warm for them as they headed towrds the grassy
area just beyond.
Main Entrance Steps at Orchard Beach
This should be recognizeable to anyone who
has ever gone to Orchard Beach.
Orchard Beach
Orchard Beach Bus Terminal
I just had to the get these shots in! We drove in to
the area designated as buses only and took these pictures quickly.
The View of the Bus Terminal at Orchard Beach
Recognize this? If not, it's only because
you never saw the terminal so empty.

It was a girls day out!

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