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If you have any pictures and would like to contribute
Just email me and we'll figure out the best way to get those photos on this site.
While you're thinking about that...think about any captions you'd like me to include and/or
general information which might interest others who would be looking at those photos.

I've decided to keep this page for my own personal pictures
Now get busy and get me some photos of yours

Click on the small picture if you want to see the big picture
Family Photo from days when we lived on Holland Avenue.
Dad took the picture so he wasn't in it and neither was my
brother Karl since he wasn't born yet
across the street
The view from my building when I lived in the Bronx
It is a current photo of course since we didn't take pictures like
that but you get the idea. Of course in those days, most folks spent
lots of time looking out their windows so I would have seen them as well.
across the street
The Last Place I lived in The Bronx
This old B&W shows my sister and brother in front of
2396 Morris Ave in 1965. The windows at ground level
was where we lived. Click the picture for the old view.
Theodore Roosevelt High School 1969
Graduation Photo
view today
The view from my home today
I love this view off my deck and spend many hours sitting outside
enjoying the peace and quiet no matter the season..
Echo Park
Echo Park 1960 My mother in the playground
with the buildings behind her.
Anyone you know live in these building?.
My Confirmation 1965
My Confirmation
Christine Comforti, 'Me', and Debbie Clemenson
Haven't found the girls yet!
sweet 16
My 16th Birthday
My girlfriends came up to visit me
during my "mother's helper" summer.

Because you asked!

I now live in
Connecticut and
here are more
views of my backyard.
No tall buildings here

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