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C-Bar Pizza
"Cerniglias Bar & Pizza" at 1056 E. Gun Hill Rd
I lived next door at 1058 and I remember my mother
sending me over on a Friday night to pick up pizza.
Evander Childs High School
Evander Childs High School
Evander Childs High School on Gun Hill Road and Bronxwood Avenue.
My brother attended this school and left when we moved to Jersey.
This photo shows a police van parked in front, when I took this
photo they were recruiting outside.
Immaculate Conception School
Immaculate Conception School on Gun Hill Road
This was the first school I attended back in 1952. I always remembered
a statue of Saint Michael in one of the hallways. I went back to that
school several years ago and found that same statue in the hallway.
I almost cried when I saw it. I am now 56 years old and was
only 6 or 7 when I attended.
Immaculate Conception Church
Immaculate Conception Church
This is the church on the same property on Gun Hill Rd. This church
today is "still a beauty" they kept it pretty much the same and
you can get lost in there. I received my first communion
and confirmation at that church.
Palomba Academy of Music
Palomba Academy of Music
This store was there (Gun Hill Rd and Paulding Avenue)
when I moved back in 1962 and, is still there today.
Engine 62 and Ladder 32
Engine 62 and Ladder 32 on White Plains Ave
Firehouse photo is of Engine 62 and Ladder 32 on White Plains Ave
and Gun Hill Rd. As a little kid I always loved that fire house.
It is still in service today and was built over a hundred years ago.
Gun Hill Road Sign
Gun Hill Road Sign
Old metal sign from one of the train stations in the Bronx. My daughter
purchased it for me many years ago at an auction in N.Y.
fire alarm box
Fire Alarm Box
I purchased this old fire alarm box many years ago also.
It is BOX 3132 that was on the corner of E. 179 St and Honeywell Ave
in the bronx. When I opened it I noticed the fire dept. repairman left
a repair date of 4/5/58 . Unknown when it went in or out of service but
it sure was there in 1958. I hooked it up to a door bell system and
when it is activated it rings 3 1 3 2 .

Michael Pandiscia contact here
Photo and comment contributor
I was born and raised in the North West Bronx, 214 St Gun Hill Rd area.
My whole family lived in the area. Burke Ave, Holland Ave, Boston Rd. ect.
I moved to New Jersey when I was 13 years old but, have and will never forget
"MY BRONX". I still stop at A&M bakery on White Plains Rd when I go down to
Woodlawn Cemetery to visit my grand parents. A&M bakery was still in business
the last time I went down about 8 months ago.

I retired at the end of 2000 as a Police Sergeant in Newton, N.J.
My heart never left the Bronx. I road my bike all over the area as a kid and
never had a problem. I can remember playing in the empty lots and trying to keep
up following the fire engines with my bike as a kid. Our whole family was close
and we always took turns every weekend making dinner and having good times.
All of my family has moved or is gone now from the Bronx but after all these
years away I still live it today.

editor comment: Mike is such a devoted ex-Bronite, he even had Bronx
labeled on his license plate which I used as the background on this page.

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