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Photo contributions by Kingsbridge Kevin click here to email him
Kingsbridge Armory
The Kingsbridge Armory
Armory has been under restoration
starting from the east side of the
roof. The project has been on going.
Kingsbridge Armory
Kingsbridge Armory
This is a shot of the
back of the Kingsbridge Armory,
deterioration of the once
solid structure is
evident in the brickwork.
Kingsbridge Armory
Kingsbridge Armory
This is a photo of the right
side of the restoration work,
extensive graffitti and poorly
landscaped grounds add to the
deterioration of the once
powerful structure
subway platform 161st
161st Street subway platform
on a non game day.
Yankee Stadium
in the background.
Yankee Stadium
Inside Yankee Stadium
I took this photo from
the press box on a non
game day. The grounds crew
are busy working on the field.
Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium
photo taken from the Harlem River.
Kingsbridge Kevin
Kingsbridge Kevin
in front of 2690 University Ave.,
his old building
Univ Ave
Looking down (south) of University Ave
Notice St. Nicholas of Tolentine
towers in the background

Univ Ave
Looking north up University Ave
away from Kingsbridge Road
Loew's Paradise
The Loew's Paradise Theatre
on The Grand Concourse
during renovation that never
was completed...
The Towers
2685 University Avenue
"The Towers" at Kingsbridge Road
Fordham Road
Fordham Road
Notice the Dollar Savings Bank
clock in the back ground.
Alexander's is Caldor's in this
photo, but Caldor's has since
bellied up, now it's something else.

Backgrounds with windows are still all Bronx windows!

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