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Yankee Stadium
Gerard & 161st Street - Yankee Stadium
We drove around to try and get a
better shot but traffic was against us.
E 161st Street and McCombs Dam Bridge
E 161st Street and McCombs Dam Bridge
While waiting in traffic - a 'Paddy Wagon' was beside us
and they were making fun of us tourists...
Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium
I remember coming here with my good friend
Ethel Klein in the days of Mickey Mantle & Whitey Ford.
Mullaly Park
John Mullaly Park- Jerome Ave
This just north of Yankee Stadium
Mullaly Park
John Mullaly Park
Yankee Stadium is in the background
162nd & River Ave
162nd Street & River Ave
731 Gerard Ave
731 Gerard Ave
This was a request by Al Stein
don't remember
170th Street & Jerome

We were on Jerome Avenue and this looked like a really
neat building. Harvey says the building in the background
(the big brown one if he remembers correctly) was the
7 Santini Bros. Moving and Storage building. Annette N
(nee Krepkin) has this to say, "This is my stomping grounds.
I can't believe how good the bus station looks! This is one
of the places we stood on line for rations during WWII. The
block to the left in the photo used to be two-way and is
McCombs Road. Halfway up the hill branched off to Mt. Eden
Avenue, which led to Taft H.S. The old building was the House
of Calvary. Across the street was the Rivoli Plaza where we
were married. If you continue up the hill and turn left you
will get to Featherbed Lane and from there to Jesup Avenue
and around the corner P.S. 104"
165th Street & Walton
165th Street & Walton Avenue
Looking down towards Gerard Avenue
Steps at Clifford
They led Up from Walton Ave to the Grand Concourse.
On the left, as you look at the photo,
is the side of the Lewis Morris Apartments.
On the right was a play area called The Rockies.
An apartment building was built on that great
play area in the early 50's. The street the
steps landed on was a "T" intersection of
Walton Ave. (which ran parallel to the
Concourse) and Clifford Place. Clifford
Place was a very short street which, if
memory serves) ran just 2 block from
Townsend Ave. to Walton Ave. and was
midway between 175th St. and 174th St.
Description courtesy of Art Morgenstern

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