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660 Crescent
660 Crescent Avenue
This was a request by- Rosalie Massimo
Crescent Ave
looking towards Arthur Avenue-requested by Rosalie Massimo
Addeo Bakery
Addeo & Sons Bakery on 186th Street
requested by Rosalie Massimo
Aquinas High School

Crotona Ave & East 182nd Street
900 Bronx Park South
requested by Mike Baskin
Want to see this building (& Mike) as it was in in 1956?
Bronx Park South & Daley Ave
requested by Mike Baskin
Bronx Park & Crotona Ave
We took this photo because of the doggie sign and it's
too bad I didn't get a better shot of it
Southern Blvd & East 180th Street
Elsmere Place & Prospect

Elsmere Place & Marmion
174th Street Station

East 172nd Street & Longfellow Avenue
Longfellow Avenue
between East 172nd Street (to the north)
and Jennings Avenue (to the south)
Corner of Freeman & Hoe
looking down towards Southern Blvd

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