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This Page is dedicated for requests only.
If you haven't found a photo on any of my other pages,
(Be sure to check the Photo Locator Page for the listings)
please email me and I will post it here. For those
of you who are able to grant these requests, please let
me know. We can't all go back to The Bronx but, every
picture will warm someones soul... thank you!
I will remove 'found' requests after 2 weeks in order
to keep this page a little more manageable.
1090 University Avenue
Woody Crest theater
Mannion's (small bar with restaurant)
Ogden Avenue
PS 73 on Anderson Avenue
Jeanette Matos
1849 Gleason Avenue
J.H.S 125
Stevenson high school

Jesus Rivera
area including 850 Southern Blvd
PS 39

1302 rosedale Avenue

Julio Cesar
1645 Grand Ave 174th St

Gail In Orlando
multiple requests

Anyone have Woodycrest Ave Pictures - I lived at167th & Woody and went
to PS 73 on Anderson Ave west of Jerome. Would love to see: HW WIlson Co
on University, PS73,1145 Woodycrest, Anything in Highbridge. Many thanks
Bill Apter
1041 Longfellow Ave

My old address was 1041 Longfellow Avenue, somewhere in
the Hunts Point area -
off Bryant Avenue. To see what my old house looks like
now would be a thrill -- as well as a view from the middle
of the street. Please let me know if this is possible.
Barbara Bensimhon
Franz Schulz Park and 750 Grand Concourse

I hope that you will be able to take a picture of Franz Schulz Park
on Grand Concourse between Court House and across the street
from Cardinal Hayes High School, and I'd love to have you to take
a picture of 750 Grand Concourse. Thank you.
Segwick Projects

That is where I grew up (was there from 1955 to 1969).I lived
in 1551 University Avenue the building with the library and the
community center. So convenient. I lived on the 13th floor.
If you have any pix of this place and can post them I would
love to see them. - Harriette
Anything you can get of Mott Haven (Cypress, Beekman houses, etc.)

would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been there in years.... Freddie
Ed Spengeman
242nd St-just off White Plains Rd

My grandfather moved to the Bronx with his family in the late
1860's. In the early 50's, we lived at 666 E 242nd St-just off
White Plains Rd. I went to PS16 along with my mother and a number
of her sisters and brothers. My grandfather had a successful moving
business located at the corner of White Plains Rd and 242nd.
We used to go to Wakefield Methodist. Any pictures in that
area would be greatly appreciated.
Claudia Castle
756 East 175th St
I would especially like to see a
photo of that building from 1928,
but would appreciate seeing what
it looks like at that address now.
2111 Southern Blvd

I saw a picture of pricechoice grocery, on 180th and
Southern Blvd. I used to pack bags there for a little
spending money. I would very much appreciate it if you
could get a close up picture of the corner I used to hang
out on, under my building, right across 180th street, the
corner of 180th and Southern Blvd. The address is 2111
Southern Blvd with a little grocery/deli. Not the corner
with the "italia pizza" shop, not "pricechoice" grocery, not
"kennedy fried chicken", the other corner. I am currently in
college in Florida, and I sometimes sit in class and doodle
how my old corner looked, and look at it when I'm sad. Anyways,
it would mean so much to me it you could get that, I would probably cry!
Ron Cruger
626 Faile St
I left Hunt's Point in 1945 and moved to California (I was 11 yrs. old).
I returned to the old neighborhood in 1981. If P.S. 48 is still there how
about a photo of it - and if you still have your trusty digital camera at
the ready how about a photo of my old home at 626 Faile St. Even a shot or
two of the old neighborhood. Would send me into a frenzy of remembering.
990 anderson Avenue
Jeanette Silva
Lots of requests

1158 Boynton Avenue off of Westchester Avenue, 1322 Elder Avenue,
Fteley Avenue, Grace Dodge Vocational High School on Crotona,
C.S.77 elementary school on Ward Avenue off of Westchester Avenue,
J.H.S. 125 Henry Hudson off of Ellis Avenue. Also of Southern Blvd
(the old stores or the new ones, Lincoln Hospital.
Anne Hilderbrant
623 Morris Ave
I was wondering if you or anyone out there would know if 623 Morris Avenue.
still exists and if there is a chance to get a picture of it? My grandparents
lived there in 1912-1928 and my grandfather worked at one of the piano
factories and I think my mother went to school at PS 28 but I am not totaly sure.
Jessica Roman
1770 Story Avenue

Several Places
I would like to find pictures of PS 85 and E187St between Webster Ave
and Tremont. Also the Grand Concourse between E198 St and E200 St .
SSG Cruceta, Rafael
SSG Cruceta, Rafael
141st Street and Cypress Ave

I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. I am also
a native of the Bronx. I came accross your page and have
become very nostalgic. I am stationed at FT Bragg, NC but I
am currently overseas supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
I wanted to request a picture or two. Even if you don't
post them or can't take them I will still be very grateful
for your time in reading my mail. I am from 141st street and
Cypress ave. There is a corner store there catacorner from the
chinese restaurant. I was hoping you can get this corner.
Preferably with the street signs included. There is also a mural
on the schoolyard handball court in memory of my friend Tony. I
would greatly appreciate these pictures. My mother still lives
there across from the schoolyard in building 345 and she is 64 years
old. She is very proud of me and it makes me happy to do what I do.
I appreciate any help you can give me in this matter and if you can't
I still appreciate it.
Joyce Baldwin Davis(Gladden)
1004-06 Freeman
I left the Bronx in 1983 when I joined the military and I tell you,
I have been all over the world and there is NO PLACE LIKE IT!
……..…Your picture in BXpix 11 of
the train station at Hoe Avenue and Freeman looking toward
Southern Blvd was where I won my first fight in elementary
school. I went to P.S. 54 on Intervale. I don’t think it’s there
anymore. It was just a few blocks down from where this photo
was taken. …In the photo there is a wire fence on the hill, well, I
remember when there was a hardware store on that hill and a shoe
repair and on the corner was a big Chase Manhattan Bank right
next to which was a movie theater where on Saturdays they would
give out free tickets and we would all go see Elvis Presley movies.
Across the street on Southern Boulevard was a Greek restaurant and
across from it was the E&B? supermarket. This was late 60's. When
we moved to 1004 Freeman we thought we had moved to a castle
because of the courtyard and two flights of stairs leading to our entrance.
I went to PS 66 for a year before being transferred to PS 54,
I think my neighborhood was renovated. It was the last block of
Freeman near the Whitlock train station, bordered by West Farms
road. This street was cobblestone when we moved there. Do you
think you could find a picture of 1004-06 Freeman? We had a
double entrance and actually there was another entrance for the
super on the street, which didn’t have courtyard access. At one time
there was a Wise potato chip distributor near the end of our block
and we would hang around the entrance for hours till a worker came
out and gave us free chips! (The nickel bag!)
Julia Colon
415 E. 148 St

Could you please find pictures of the building that I grew up in,
415 E 148 St in the corner of Bergen, the building is not there anymore.

- music: Dream

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